Tuesday, August 24, 2010

dreamily daydreaming

To be completely honest, I would love to pen down every detail of my journey to becoming Mrs. Fariz ..but I am afraid I have to tell you that our wedding preparation isn't exactly under full swing yet to begin with, and my life doesn't revolves around the nuptial alone anyway..

so what the heck?
I'll just write randomly, whenever I feel like it, right?

At the moment, we're quite bogged down with the idea of having a pre-wedding photoshoot..I know it sounds all so cheesy, and perhaps even annoying too ~Imagine a couple skipping through a park or frolicking through flowers, peering around a tree at each other~ but while superfluous, of course, it is yet another modern day wedding trend appearing on the scene in recent years.. It is TRENDY and since everyone is having it, I am sure going to feel a wee bit left out and upset if we don't :(

So, yes in case you still don't know, I am like that..I give in to temptation and peer pressure..looking at how other brides to be are preparing for their big day freaks me out beyond all belief.. that sometimes, it even got me thinking that maybe I should just be banned from blog hopping, googling or the internet all together..because they are doing me more harm than good, it seems..

but the other thing about me is, ONCE I get an idea planted in my head, you can forget about trying to shake it off..unless if I happen to get those lightbulb moments when I suddenly feel different and may want to completely change my mind about something, then I will.. Fortuitously, I know I can make Fariz get me whatever I want ..all I need to do is make the wish, and you bet! for whatever I fall in love with he can learn to love too..hehehe..(told you, he spoils me rotten)

More or less though, I have already envisioned a lot of what I wanted and decided that nothing too elaborate or artsy and expensive like splurging on a high end photographer is necessary..We will be more than happy just to have the photos as a keepsake to look at when we're old, wrinkled and grey..right Sayang?

and in my search for inspiration I found these;
do click on respective links for sources and more pictures

'The notebook' inspired engagement photos:

'500 days of summer' inspired wedding:

'Wonderland' inspired photos

I don't know how we will have ours..or if we'll actually have it at all.. for now, I enjoy the random daydreams I get about the wedding and even if sometimes I know I am making Fariz sick of my impulsive whims, we're still having fun though :)

and anyway, everything I write here are kind of based on sporadic thoughts..so we'll see how thing goes and I sure will let you know!

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