Friday, August 13, 2010

you know the way to my heart

Sometimes, I can articulately speak what I feel..other times, I struggle to put how I feel into words, but to no avail..although my heart is overflowing with love, I still almost always find myself staring at this space not knowing what to write and how to put them into coherent sentences..

Hence sorry for the hiatus, albeit temporarily.. I've been trying, I really did.

So if you are still reading this, I shall applaud you for being concern and patient towards my mushiness because I really only truly have the same ol same ol musing on my favourite man, nothing new, more nor less..although I must admit (because if I don't I will be lying) that the intensity of the early infatuation of falling in love is tapering off rather slowly ..and whether we like it or not, it finally hit us that the roller coaster ride of getting married has commences.. it is no longer all about hanging out and having fun as we now have monumental tasks lying ahead of us which is for obvious reasons, scary and especially when I can almost feel the 'bridezilla' lurking and slowly turning up from inside of me....

but like they say, isn't infatuation just the icing on a love cake? truth is, we are not anymore ridiculously etherized by bliss..just simply hooked on romance, and it feels safe :)

fret aside, the good has always outweigh the bad and we're still building good memories day by day, like growing a tall tower of blocks..and in spite of all the nitty-gritty wedding woes messing up our mind and sometimes our mood to be particularly nice to each other, I still find happiness even in the smallest things and silliest jokes he tells making me laugh at the times I thought it was impossible to even smile and by picking me up and fixing me when I hit rock bottom, I must top and thank him for truly knowing the way to my heart..

and on a slightly different note, I probably have to admit that I've lost some degree of mojo to wite lengthy post..but my musing on love is still pretty much scatheless and I do feel that my ardor towards Fariz is growing immersely stronger by every minute ...and you know what's more? I have a nagging suspicion that I will fall even more madly, terribly head over heels in love being married to him one fine day

Do you know? I am so freaking happy that I swear I can even shit rainbows..

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