Saturday, May 1, 2010

snort.sniffle.and sneeze.

Uh, oh. There it is again, that annoying tingle in your throat..and your nose starts to water...HAACHOO! Once and then again. A cold...

Fariz is down with a dreadful cold...owh how that breaks my heart :(
he mentioned about going to see his doctor yesterday..and I must say this: I just cant help from secretly feeling a tad bit annoyed...

Seriously, I can't believe so many people go to the doctor for a cold!!! and how many people still thinks that antibiotic is a miracle cure for everything!

I believe most of the people that I know can relate to this..Yes I mean you you and you, my fellow drug experts

The doctors are only half the problem. Though they should not capitulate to the pressure when prescribing, patients too need to get a grip and STOP expecting antibiotic for every time they catch a cold...

So please people, stop being such a wimp!

Common cold needs common sense!!!
Maybe some pain killers and antihistamines but not antibiotics! Just let it run it's course, drink lots of fluids and get extra rest..

I remember 'educating' Fariz about cold versus flu..and how antibiotics don't work against viruses..I even made an attempt to explain antibiotic resistance, which now I doubt that I ever made any sense to him :(

Perhaps it's about time for some campaign. I love the posters by NHS. I remember seeing them on the walls of the underground and on London buses. We really should have them here.

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