Thursday, May 20, 2010

wake up call

I am very blessed to start with a man who is gifted with an extraordinary patience to talk things through to me..his sense of humour is not his biggest strength now it just hit me.. it is his composure, his ability to stay calm to whatever s*** I have got to throw at him

terrible horrible me

if I were to be really honest, I would have to tell you that I haven't been particularly pleasant to Fariz lately..With that being said, yes I am fully aware that I desperately need to snap out of it. It strains the relationship and I am making him even more exhausted than he already is..

and here's the the beginning of the relationship, I’ve set my goals, but have been doing more thinking and processing than acting on it..and so now I've decided that the resolutions and promises I made to Fariz probably need a little springtime rejuvenation..lets hope, by this way he will at least know that I am still trying :)

Current goal:
To watch more closely what I say, particularly the words I use when I am angry and if I can't say nothin' nice, I shall not say anyhin' at all.

not easy?
but worth trying.definitely.

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