Sunday, May 30, 2010

walking under the sun

I am blogging from my hotel room when I am supposed to be napping now. Reason being- I was too anxious (in a good way) about seeing Fariz today that I barely had my eyes shut at all last before we go out again, Fariz said I must rest..
but seriously, sleep can wait

and the dark circles under my eyes? who cares? Fariz doesn't

it's been only 7 months, but I am already lost of words
although this actually goes without saying, I must repeat:
Fariz Helmi, you are simply the best boyfie any girl could have asked for ..

Nobody could beat the way you spoil me rotten
I love the way you let me be the princess and..
urrmm you be soldier
and how you always say yesyesyes to my every request and demand
and the way you go to get me, everything I wish for under the sun

but if there is one more thing I must ask you to do for me, that would be..

why does time has to fly at a super confounding speed when we're together? why?! I hate it!!


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