Tuesday, May 4, 2010

emo rantings (again)

Quote of the day:
After all, people who belong together stay together despite major setbacks and disagreements. They may deal in fault and blame temporarily, but ultimately they work things out. -Emily Giffin

I live in my own frothy little bubble..but not like those strong and fat rubber balloons, mine is made with a flimsy kind of charm that burst so easily...

Let me tell you, things are swinging pretty well at the moment. Even if it doesnt get any better, I am completely happy this way....there are so many little things that Fariz do everyday makes me want to melt into a puddle on the floor and never get up..

but life gets a little bit more than frustrating at times, because whatever I do, there will always be somebody or something that intervenes my bubble and make it go pop!.. either that, bubbles inescapably vanish anyway.. all I can do is try not to let my mind stop me from a having a good time.. mind over matter, mind over matter...

and of course at times I feel like falling into a dark black hole, Fariz's usual words of comforting wisdom goes a long way..It's funny how when he speaks every other trouble that plagues my mind seem to dissolve into nothing..he puts my soul at ease..


thank you sayang
thank you sebab sangat-sangat baik and sabar aaaallll the time

and sorry cause my crazy emotional needs always make you so confused

but you're supposed to :)
coz if you are not confused, then you are not paying attention, haaa!

yeah.. I am that complicated :p

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