Monday, October 28, 2013

Wildan: The boy in Heaven


It's been way too long that I had to stare and think for a bit which email did I use to sign into my blogspot. Honestly, I wanted to stop writing all together, I mean it's been on its last leg for so so many months anyway. and who reads blogs anymore these days? We just don't have the patience to read long posts anymore, do we?  

But my biggest fan (and probably my one and only fan) Fariz, said he misses reading my blog (which is all about him anyway) and wants me to write more! Awww..really? I read some old posts and wonder if it was really me who wrote them. I was so cheesy, like a silly fifteen year-old schoolgirl ;p

Anyway, we know nine months since January is a very long time, hell it’s the time it takes to birth a baby! 

So first and foremost, here.. meet Baby Wildan Danial who has just arrived from heaven :)
Healthy and perfect. I'm so proud of you, my womb! hahaha

The first couple of weeks was incredibly....for the lack of a better word, INCREDIBLE. It felt like the longest few weeks I ever had. I was overwhelmed by the fact that we finally have a baby to call ours, our own. I was happy and I was sad. When we were alone I was alternating between smiles and tears. I felt relief, thankful, sore, anxious, tired, scared, doubtful, terrified, guilty, angry (read: breastfeeding), I felt everything. Baby blues are no joke. 

But don't worry, today as I am writing this, Baby Will is just 2 weeks shy from his second month birthday and it's safe to say that I (and baby) have survived this long with my sanity still intact. *wipes sweat*

Other than being nocturnal, Baby Will is cool. He hardly fusses except for obvious reasons. and even when he get's a bit cranky at times, he is still too cute to stay angry at. hmm..but oh well...I guess, God made all babies cute so that we wont throw them out the window ;p

On a similar note, Fariz has been amazing too. I couldn't thank him enough for being utterly patient and calm throughout the crazy rollercoaster ride. I think he makes a better dad than I, a mom. Sometimes when Baby Will cries, I cry too and super daddy had to carry baby in one arm and hold and sooth me in the other. Talk about multitasking. 

Anyway, I could go on to write a whole new book about this tiny bub and our little adventures with this newbie. but I'll save that for another day.

and for other related updates, I shall see you in the next post!

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  1. Yay! It's good to see you blog again. One day far in the future you'll be able to read this and remember what it was like to have your first lil prince :)