Monday, October 28, 2013

On Counting (the uncountable) Blessings Part 2: Ooops I think I married a nerdie

..continued from previous post..

2. Fariz completed another master's degree and graduated from University of Malaya. This time it's all about real estate and property management. This is his second master's within the span of two years (I wrote about the first one here: The Rainbow After Rain) and I couldn't be any happier that I'm blessed with a super hardworking and smart husband. 

Ok so maybe to some of you real estate isn't exactly ROCKET SCIENCE but it is still a lot of hard work. For him because he had to juggle his day job while being a part-time student (and a husband to a very unreasonably clingy wife too). For me because I had to give up friday nights fun and weekend outings. So his graduation day was not only a day of accomplishment, but also a day of liberation!  
Proud moment :)
Hey better watch your steps there honey!
One day, daddy will be at your graduation baby. Hopefully it'll be in London or Harvard :p be continued. Click on next post.

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