Monday, October 28, 2013

On Counting (the uncountable) Blessings Part 3: FAS Capital our little 'baby'

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3. On a similar note, (as if it isn't obvious already) Fariz has a passion for property. Talk to him for a few minutes and you'll find yourself suddenly asking 'how do I buy a house'? what kind of house? where? when? You can see the way his face lits up as he begins to go on and on about why you should or shouldn't invest in this property or that, here and not there etc. 

Putting cash in the bank is good, but the return is pretty low. Like it or not, money makes money so you got to spend money first to make money grow. You can buy gold, invest in shares, unit trusts, insurances (and even designer handbags ;p), but according to Fariz, property is the best. You need to speak to Fariz to know why. It's a loooong story ;p.

Out of this passion, we took the plunge and came up with FAS Capital, a property management business with a personal touch.  We created a facebook page for FAScap and I remember how excited we got as we watch our number of 'likers' grow slowly and steadily. FAScap is like our 'baby'. This year we saw our 'baby' grew bigger and stronger. Our portfolio expanded, our service got better and we have more satisfied tenants and clients interested to talk to us than ever. All of which means a little more side income for our family, Alhamdullilah

I now understand that the joy of owning and running your own business (albeit so small) is a real high. It's empowering. Working on our own goals, working for ourselves, doing what we love (and hopefully one day able to quit our day job), it's the ultimate dream. 

To find out more about what we do, or if you just wana have a chat about anything property, contact us! 

(p.s: Sayang! you better thank me for this free advertisement! LOL)

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  1. Lol @ "you better thank me for the free advertisement"! :P Hey, is that a new namecard? Looks fab! Btw, I shared FAScap's page with a new online friend of mine who's interested in looking for a restaurant shop lot :)