Monday, October 28, 2013

On Counting (the uncountable) Blessings Part 1: A spanking-new house

So, apart from the new member in our family, what else happened since January? 

p.s: This is going to be a long-ass update, so I'm going to separate them into different post. Go get your mugs of coffee ready and join me ;p

1. We bought a new house. This is not our first but it was a big purchase so we were quite anxious about throwing in a big chunk of cash and getting the loan approved. If you remember, previously Fariz and I lived in what is euphemistically called a 'starter home' (read about it here : A home in the making). But I've had enough of living frugally, so I told Fariz it's time to move up the lifestyle ladder. 

The thing is, Fariz is a firm believer in putting of gratification till later. He is all about 'investments'. He is all about work hard now, enjoy later. His motto is: save now and spend later (or rather, spend never pfftt..). 

A case in point, he could put up with living in an incredibly humble flat so that we can buy an above-than-average house a few years later. I don't know how he managed to make me agree to this whole 'delayed gratification' concept, but I'm glad that all the so called 'investing and saving' pays off well now and finally, we're upgrading to a much better home.

Nah. Here, meet Marbella. Our love at first sight. 

This is the show house, obviously. *wipes drool*
If you want to buy this unit, it's 2 freaking million ringgit. You know, just in case anyone has that much moolah ;p

I'll probably write more about ours when it's ready :) be continued. Click on next post..

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