Monday, October 28, 2013

On Counting (the uncountable) Blessings Part 5: My hardworking husband

..continued from previous post..

5. Last but not least, recently Fariz got offered a better position at a new company. His current job is ok, we enjoy the flexibility but it's time he takes another step up the career ladder. I am so proud to see him doing so well at what he does best- work. He works non-stop and is so busy that sometimes I had to make appointments for him to take me to the malls. 

Everyday, as soon as we reach home from work, he puts on his 'entrepreneur hat' and is out and about again to meet and discuss potential investments with clients, arrange property visits, deal with tenants (and their drama) and work on strategies for FAScap. All that while I eat ice-cream and watch TV (yeah I know I sound like a bum in comparison). By the time he gets home again it is usually quite late, so after a quick massage while telling me about his day, he kisses me, tucks me in bed and returns to his desk to work, until... well, usually until I got pissed and call him to bed...

There is a lot of weight on this man's shoulders. It hurts to see him so tired like this :(

So well, that pretty much sums it up (not so) briefly. We try hard to remind each other to thank God everyday for all the blessings He has given us but I fear that it will never ever come close to enough.  

I love you Allah. and I know you love us too. Thank you for the amazing husband you picked for me and our cute son. Thank you for the life you have given to my family and I. I hope you will continue to shower us with your blessing and show us the right path. Ameen.


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