Saturday, January 19, 2013

Life according to instagram


To say that it's been awhile is an understatement, I know.

My last post was almost exactly a year ago and I have no good excuse for not blogging. Well, other than I don't feel like blogging, that is. ;p

Moving in with Fariz meant I lost a major chunk of the precious commodity called time while I learn to 'manage' other things and people. Life has taken over my life and the funny thing about life completely taking over is that there is very little time to actually sit down and write about it.

And also probably what they say is true- blogging is a thing in past. There is a reason why Instagram is called INSTAGRAM. Put INSTANT and PHOTOGRAM together and TADAAAA! forget about writing 200 words on why I think a pair of shoes are cute. 

But anyway, I'm back and I’m pleased to report that I've recently begun to feel the pull to start blogging again. Partly because one of my new year's resolution is to finally start writing again and not just thinking about it. Which is why I'm here. I wanted to write about how work is taking over my life and there's nothing like coming home to the best husband in the world. I wanted to talk about our dreams and what makes me happy and what breaks my heart. I wanted to talk about how Farez knocks my socks off every day that we spend together.

Work aside and some other trials we met along the way, 2012 has been an amazing one year in its own way.

and of course, not to leave you empty handed, here's life according to Instagram:

           A pink rose on my first day at work. Totally made my day.


"End of the day" conversations when Fariz's ready to go to bed. He whines that it’s already late but I don't care pfft...

Fariz's great comic collection. It's true, inside every man there's a little boy LOL

Got roses delivered to work on Valentines. Awww (no) thanks for the public display of affection.
'When I shop, the world gets better, and the world is better, but then it's not, and I need to do it again'- LOL my all time fave quote. because it is true.

The almost forgotten wedding album.

The almost forgotten wedding album 2.

On a perfect Saturday morning. Fariz was up early running errands while I catched up on my beauty sleep. Bliss.

My personal highlight of 2012. Here's me @ 9 weeks pregnant and innocent.

Little angel bids us goodbye at 10 weeks young and I will never look at pregnancy the same way again. Heard Fariz weeping next to my bed, as I slowly woke up from what I thought was a very bad dream, which was not.

Chocolates and little love notes- a constant and daily affirmation of the love we share.

Fariz, he is never too cool for school :)

I (super) rarely cook but when I do, it blows Fariz's mind away HAHAHAH. This is curry, if you know what I mean..

#1 tip to a happy relationship- always say thank you, practicing gratitude can go a long way in a marriage.

Aww meet this cute little munchkin- my nephew, Raziq!

I love doing nothing and everything with Fariz. Just the two of us. There is no feeling like it in the world.

A good husband is the one who leaves the prayer mat open to signal it’s your turn. Mine, throws two prayer mats open so we can pray together.

   Tip #2: never too proud to apologize. This was a handmade card by Fariz after a big fight to say sorry and stay strong!

Oooops, random me photo on Eid.

The day I turned ancient. Age is (just a number) such a bummer.

Recent fashion finds

Currently the latest on my Instagram: Epic arm drawing, 500-days-of-summer inspired by Fariz.

ok, too lazy now to do a proper closure. So long, until then!

(p.s; please expect vomits of Instagram photos in future posts too, I have gobs more of them that grace my phone!)

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