Saturday, January 22, 2011

you and me in picture perfect pieces

Warning: this is a fully loaded with photo post which may annoy the hell out of you. And if you have low tolerance for mushiness, I suggest you not see/read further

So well.. in case you haven't heard (too bad you're slow), I am happy to report that Fariz and I had our pre-wed photoshoot over and done with. It was a great kick start to probably the most important year of our life. I finally manage to get my hands on the copies of the photos and now you just can’t imagine how giddy I am to share!


I even carelessly showed my mom who I knew since f.o.r.e.v.e.r would never approve such unseemly not-married-yet couple photos..

and worst, I made her watch the video too! *slaps forehead*

What?! Which video I hear you ask? Hah too bad, but if you're lucky maybe one day I'll show you too :p

The moment I realized I was actually digging myself into my own grave, her eyes were already wide and fixed on the computer screen and it was way too late..yikes!

it was the first time in her life that she has ever heard of PRE-wedding photos

but to my surprise she didn't faint nor did she made any snide comments. Maybe it is safe to assume that she has grown out of the conservative-I-am-not-a-cool-mother thing and she can now become my new best girl friend :) hehe

(I think she likes the photos herself too, except that she won't admit it of course)

I mean how can she not like it that I am as happy as a girl with a candy like this?:

So back to admiring the photos, I can't put my finger on exactly what makes me like them so much. It is probably the the whimsical, blissful feel about it on top of the breathtaking outdoor location combined with a healthy dose of fresh air. And there's definitely something about translating love through a camera lens that made the whole session great fun. l went absolutely dreamy looking at the photos just now (haha I am vain like that) and it was hard to pick my favorites.

and it made me stress when I can't decide-_-! Can't I just put them all here? like all hundreds them? I might even get banned by blogspot for jamming the system

I like even the ones (which is almost half of all the photos) with my eyes close and looking half asleep. and the ones in which Fariz went smiling from ear to ear? he is such a clown, you see. You can either love him or hate him, nothing in between. Myself on the other hand, tend to forget to smile and so had to be TOLD TO SMILE like..constantly -_-"

and that explains why I look sombong when I am actually not..pfftt!

Anyhoo for the job well done, we are overflowing with gratitude to Razali who'd managed to capture the essence of our happiness in such a truthful way. They turned out rather like how I hoped them to be. Light-hearted and not overdone at all indeed. Thank you!

p.s: I would like to keep the photos fresh and original. Also I don't really want to showcase my so-called 'talent' and lack of creativity in editing but I added hints of contrast here and there just because I think they make 'em photos look sharper..won't harm right? heh

Enough babbling and here's how the rest of the shoot turned out.

I can't decide which one looks nicer or in fact real because I was fake playing the violin with my non-existent talent/skill. Either this:

or this. Help me spot the difference :p

the quirks that make us perfect together :)

Isn't falling in love and being in love just the most fun thing EVER!

you get someone to take your hand and walk into the future together..

or run..

or dance..
into the future

I can imagine myself looking back at these many years from now and getting a warm and fuzzy feeling, just like today :)

but for now, I just can't wait to see what will our wedding pictures turn out like!

So if you like these, you know what to do. Judging from the look of these photos, I don't need to say much anymore. Suffice to say and most importantly, Razali and his mates are very comfortable and easy people to work with. But if you're still not pretty much convince, head over to to check out more of his work here.

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