Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January Eleventh

Do you know that today is the International Thank You day? Ok now you do..

How charming that a day like this exists in the world, don't you think?

It’s more of a habit for me to say thank you. It is like I say it, even when it isn't exactly needed. So I don't really need to be reminded by such a thank-you day, that is. It is one of my favorite things to say, to the lady over the phone, to the (rare) gentleman who holds the door, to the petrol pump attendant who helps me fill my tank, to the shop assistant for bringing me my shoes to try on, to patients who bother to listen to my not-so-skilled counseling/advice and by right should be thanking me instead, to doctors or shop owners who their premises I had to barge in for inspections, to agents for bringing in their consignment notes complete with all the documents needed, attached.

And of course a lot a lot of thank yous to Fariz (just because) too. I don't know why I do this. Coz I don't remember being like this in any of my past relationship. Perhaps I've just grown to appreciate little things more and show my gratitude.

Our baby talks almost always revolves around something that sound like this:

Him: I'm sorry baby didn't call you earlier. I wanted to but I had to bla bla bla, things keep piling up, I tak cukup tangan bla bla bla everyone is looking for me, wanting this and bla bla that, I was really busy (busier than president Obama), I feel bad tak dapat cakap dgn you but I want you to know that I love you, tau?

Me: Thank you sayang. I'm ok since I already know that you'll be busy today

Him:. I love you so much, baby

Me: hehe..Thank you sayang, I love you too

Him: Baik la you today hehe. Thank you sayang.

Me: Hehe. Thank you for noticing that :p

Him: Hehe..heh ..hehe. Thank you sbb tak marah..hehehe

of course there are bad days when I would flip when he forgets to call when he should ..but that's basically the reason Fariz is very thankful on the day I don't :)

and yes I know you might think its silly, but to us, it makes perfect sense~ to thank each other for being so lovely..

When I was in England it didn't take me long to realized that people over there pride themselves on their politeness and manners. They thank each other everywhere, all the time.

  • For instance, it would be rude to ask for or receive anything anywhere (a favour, some help or information) without saying 'please' and 'thank you'.
  • In a shop, they say 'thank you' several times at the checkout, simply for having being told how much they need to pay, for returning their balance or credit card and again before the leave.
  • The store manager (my boss) thanks me for doing my job, as opposed to just think that paying me my well deserved salary is already enough of a thanks.
  • When hoping off the bus, it is polite to say 'thank you' to the driver. but not expecting him to reply for he is merely doing his job.
  • In reply to 'how are you?', they don't just say 'fine' or 'very well' but with 'thank you' too.

basically the thank yous over there are even for things that people in other parts of the world would never dream of thanking.

Having said that and on a serious note, I really don't get it when we say we Malaysians are polite and courteous (bersopan-santun? berbudi bahasa? and what not).

Owh and do you even know that Malaysia was once ranked the third least courteous country in the world, according to Reader’s Digest? YAY, not! -_-"

Clearly, related to driving, we are at our worst on the roads but even at a more personal level how often do you come across shop assistants who do not just look at you stone-faced as if you owe them something, and how many actually greet you with a hello and say thank you, bye, have a nice day? We don't even say our salams enough anymore nowadays, not to strangers at least, don't we?

are we just too shy and reserved? or maybe I'm saying this coz I simply haven't been to Mumbai yet (apparently the rudest city in the world, again as rated by RD)

Anyway, be nice people. This part of the world we're living in right now, is lacking so much of that.

If you ask me, why not start with saying 'thank you' to the lady at the checkout for packing your shopping bags for you, or 'thank you' to the waiter who brings you your drinks? or how about to the cab driver who drove you safely to your destination? These two small words of gratitude can mean a lot. At a closer look, one thing you will soon notice is that Malaysians are quite receptive and wouldn't hesitate to reciprocate. I know that because I've tried :)

and owh of course, THANK YOU for reading!

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