Tuesday, January 18, 2011

life on the fast lane

The only time when time really flies is on the weekends spent with Fariz.

But I took a look at the ticker today and goodness gracious! where did all the time go? Blink after blink, time flew really fast in our lovely little world. On top of that, we are already living life on the fast lane, except that we're quite enjoying the ride too, so far :)

In a jiff, 16 months (since we first hooked up) and 6 months (since we agreed to bond) have passed by us, leaving us with as little as less than 90 days to go before the big day is due to come knocking on our door!

Daisypath Wedding tickers

If you've noticed, my mojo hasn't been up and running these past few days that I haven’t been writing much about my soon to be knot. For one, I already feel like we've been preparing for this (in my head) since forever.

That said, my wedding wishlist is still not complete. Really, you have no idea how much mental energy all this is taking up. And procrastination certainly doesn't help. If I tell you now how much I HAVE YET TO DO, I will freak you out which will in turn freak the hell out of me too. See, there is no point telling you, no? So don't ask, shheeesh..

Outside, the traffic whizzed fast. Fariz's work, as always is showing no signs of slowing down (though I must add, I am proud of where you stand now, baby!). I, on the other hand have people to meet, places to go, things to buy and my bedroom to tidy. On the inside however, its just me, my fickle mind and occasional billion-dollar wedding whims. Why are we not billionaires? if we are then everything will come easy. why?why?why? okay, I don't need us to be billionaires for me to get my dream ring, dream dress, dream cake and all, but you get what I mean.

Money isn't everything, but it makes EVERYTHING possible.

Mind over matter, this is what I tell to myself anyway. Weddings are superfluous and pricey, yes. but when you're sure you've found the very right person to spend your life with (or at least you think you have), it's worth it! it's going to be worth it! (or at least it will feel like it is). I have dated enough men to confidently say that, this time I can't be wrong. This time, every second spent, every effort made, every little penny I put into making this happen will only make me even happier in return.

So far, this has been true :)

Ahemm so what say you? YAY to spending my entire life savings away~!?
okay, that just goes to show how little my savings really are, if there is at all, any..-_-"

PRE-Wedding jitters, go away!
come again another day.. Pffft...

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