Friday, January 7, 2011

like lock and key

Well I haven't been keeping my new year resolutions sadly :( because I had NONE haha (read previous post). I am still stubbornly stuck with my 'don't make them, can't break them' idea and mind you, because I am a woman, hormonal and all, I am allowed to (depending on my mood) set a goal ONLY when I feel like it and achieve things ONLY when I feel my best. Don't argue.

and Fariz said that I may still shop as I please, as long as I don't mind that we will be eating my tops and shoes, instead of food when we are really left with no more money -_-"


we can still sell off your properties for money, right? ;p

anyhoo..that doesn't mean that Fariz too doesn't do resolutions..In fact I made him do his. After all, men are supposed to be so much more goal/mission-oriented anyway...

So sayang, what are your resolutions? New year resolutions? I WANT five!

although I don't know what I was expecting, he'd better say something that I wanted to hear..hehe

To me, its a form of 'mind-games'. but clearly it isn't always fun for Fariz. Even from the way he chuckles, I know that it's always a
challenge for him to come up with answers that do not fall short below my expectations.

urrmm tricky you think? but I swear I gave him enough clues to help him find his way!

So he must somehow miraculously without lying or sounding fake, figure out what I wanted him to say (instead of the truth) haha!

Otherwise, he is doomed.

Me: Tell me, tell me, whats your first one?

Without another second of thought he goes..

I want to make you happy

wait.. scratch that . It sounds better in Malay, which for some reason made the cheesiness factor a notch higher

I nak buat you bahagia, I nak layan you lebih baik bla bla (everything that encompasses bahagia)

Me: Wow thats a spot-on!? Really! that's your number one? (how sweet that I am always on the top of everything, right?..) *flips hair tudung*

Me: Number two? (I asked quickly before he changed his mind)

I nak lebih banyak beribadah (praise and worship God). I tanak tinggal sembahyang, I wana be more thankful bla bla bla

Me: (in my head) Wow... my heart warms and melts at the thought that we will have a blessed marriage life and he'll be successful (with loads of $$$) because he never forgets to be grateful and he'll make a very good husband and all one fine day.

and I made a mental note: to encourage him to make this resolution his priority instead. When you love God and He loves you back, every other thing you wish for after that then, will follow....right?

Me: Number three?

I nak bawak you masuk my family and nak make sure you selesa dengan semua orang bla bla bla..

A marriage? I found myself feeling good about such affirmation he was giving whilst dying with anticipation at the same time..hemm

I zoned out a little after that. Wasn't really paying attention to the next two ones..coz the cupid's arrow struck me right across my heart again and I already heard what I wanted to hear.. hehe

sweet nothings really make me happy. I call them the food for my soul :)

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