Sunday, November 28, 2010

me and my wedding woes

All I want is to be a Princess for a day. Just one day.

but the wedding planning and whatnot suddenly seems daunting and on the spur of the moment I am worried about how my dress would look like, the shoes I would wear (I already bought two sparkly new shoes but still not totally happy), the invitations, the favors and gifts, the dais and deco, my bridesmaids and their dresses, the food, the music.. and now on top of that all, I wonder if all of the pieces that I stress so much picking out would actually come together cohesively.. will they? and what if they don't?

In all truthfulness when it comes down to it what I really want now is to nikah, scrrrrrraaaaaaap the whole bersanding and kenduri shit and straight away get on to moving in together...(after all that is the ultimate goal!)

but then again a little voice inside of me tells me not to give up that dream. I am only going to be doing this once and I don't have control over much else, especially on the happenings of the day itself and the days after...

owh I am torn

why are weddings so difficult?!

from a fiancee to a wife, and a bridezilla in between :(

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