Friday, June 24, 2011

gold coast day 2

Day 2

the next morning saw another epic bashing between me, the snooze button on my mobile and sniffling yawns. can't remember who woke who up first but it must've been me because Fariz always sleeps like he was dead -___- and when we finally got out of bed it was almost 90 minutes after the time we had wanted to get up.

but weren't holidays made for sleeping in, anyway?

In hindsight, for people like us (urmm I mean me) the ideal type of honeymoon would probably be those where we could just bum out on a deserted beach that's got no one but monkeys and nothing much to see besides some trees and the sea..

then we could have gone to bed later (coz we're not that tired), sleep like there's no tomorrow, order room service and have a long long breakfast by our private pool; sipping tropical drinks with cute umbrellas, cuddle, read, massage, spa...and urmm have lotsa romance..

sounds rather sensible for a second honeymoon
*wishful thinking*

take note Fariz Helmi!!!

anyhoots, not to say that Gold Coast wasn't great. because it too has what we and other people from all over the world came for... the beach:
the weather was pleasant and what I felt a good balance
yet, it was still too cold to surf or swim..and Fariz was disappointed coz there wasn't much flesh to feed his eyes with...

so he continued to focus on me:
we left as the sky turned darker but we had to anyway... coz Fariz started to get sun allergy!!!!! the "puteri lilin" :
HAHAHA how ugly
..but ahhh is blind :p

popped him a dose of Loratadine and whilst waiting for its effect to kick in..we drove to:

its a place for shopping!

I was wrong about having a lot to buy in Gold Coast. Made Fariz bring ALL of our savings and money we possibly have and his cards but I was disappointed. though Fariz was obviously NOT -____-

we did browse through many stores that we think has possible things to buy but somebody forgets to take pictures
*narrows eyes at Fariz*

but here are some:

haiiih... shopping mission failed..tsk..tsk..

so we went for lunch... and I lit up instantly

then it was Fariz turn to do what he wants to do.. and he wanted to..... watch movies *yawns* but there wasn't anything better to do anyway and I decided to be nice so..yeah agreed to watch Super 8 :))))

and after going back to hotel for a quick wash up and getting changed that evening rounded out with... a chocolate romance:)

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar "Chocolate by the bald man", whoever that is

I was eager to try just about everything chocolate soufflé, tutti frutti waffles, ice cream cookie sandwich, chocolate pizza yuuuuuummmms but we settled with Chocolate Fondue for Two (not adventurous, I know) and chocolateyness Cookieshake & Cappuccino Frappe :)

strawberry in milk chocolate feels like a party in my mouth

and day 2 ended with... Fariz brushing his teeth :)


  1. you such a baby. always look good in pink :D

  2. wish I can look good in all color though, like you!