Tuesday, December 28, 2010

love is no playground

Oh YES I will!!
  1. because when I love somebody as much as I love you, getting married is the only thing left to do
  2. because its funny how we actually got this far after all the misunderstandings, miscommunications and every damn fight, right?
  3. because we grow so much together, especially sideways :p
  4. because I want to feed and fatten you up!! I can't be the fat one in this relationship, now can I?
  5. because I am done kissing frogs..and yada yada none of them but you, actually turned into a real prince! All men are frogs until you set them free. hahaha
  6. because you understand me (or pretend to) when I hardly make any sense which is more than half of the time
  7. and you love me for me regardless of how difficult that might be
  8. because you have never ever got mad at me (no matter how hard I deliberately try to make you to)
  9. because you are lucky that I am not even half as sassy now as I used to be!
  10. because I am tired of sleeping with magazines or books and waking up alone
  11. because it bloody gets me on my nerves when people interrogated me with the intrusive 'when are you getting married' question when all they actually wanted to know is if I am getting married at all. Now a polite answer to this fairly rude question is easy. HAH!
  12. because I don't want to grow old and die alone
  13. because I want you to tell me that I'm pretty everyday :)
  14. because you like me even without make-up
  15. because I want to make you breakfast and make your bed. If I ever resolute to wake up early enough, that is
  16. because you are my rock, my baby, my lover, my crying shoulder, my driver, my partner in crime, my shopping buddy, my bank-er, my soldier, my cameraman, my entertainment, my happiness, my bestfriend forever
  17. because I am a shopaholic and you're a workaholic. I can help you spend the money you make because shopping is what I do best
  18. because I can make you cute babies with a hint of Eurasian mix
  19. because you've mastered the art of reading my mind. You know when yes means yes and yes means no and no means yes and when a no is a no
  20. because you value the fact that I speak femininity instead of reality.You know when I scream LEAAVE that actually means come back, talk and pujuk me until I feel better now! right? and when I say 'I don't want to talk to you' it means totally the opposite! <-- keep this in mind, always will you?
  21. because I need a fat durable punching bag to throw tantrums at..and you're one :)
  22. because you have high tolerance to PMS, my mood swings and bridezilla attacks! ~ tested and true hehehe
  23. because nothing beats my love towards you, with all my heart and handbags and whole wardrobe and shoes
  24. because being with you is the closest I get to being a Princess. Did you grow up in Disneyland or something!! Did you?
  25. because you're not one in a million, but you're the only one :)
  26. because at 26, love is no playground. Dating isn't exactly my idea of fun anymore when a marriage is :)

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