Tuesday, December 20, 2011

put up with the rain if you want the rainbow

Long distance relationship never gets any easier, we just get tougher. or do we?? It seems to me that I should be better at this saying goodbye thing given the many times I have had to do it over the past many many months (8 to be exact). But I am not. Sending Fariz off or seeing myself leaving every Sunday evening still makes me sad. Sometimes I cry, sometimes I don't but there's always a pit in my stomach and an indescribable emptiness that is worse than any tears.

apparently the transfer is taking a lot longer than I thought. and as crazy as this might sound, I have now reached a point where I am convinced that the government (or who ever) is so slow it is like they are deliberately trying to rip our marriage apart :( and you know what bothers me the most? -the unknown..When can we be together? Everyone knows we will eventually be, but how long more will it take?

and isn't it just NOT FAIR that we're missing out on all the fun of early married life!! I hate you distance you're a b****

p.s: I will write more when I'm in love with the world again
till then....

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