Friday, October 29, 2010

bright future lies ahead of us :)

Do you know what makes a man, a man?

it is when he can juggle around between a super freaking annoying girlfriend, weekend Master classes and his job (a very demanding one, if I may add)

and when his hard work always pays off well and he is still having fun

I mean, I am happy, coz he keeps me so
and he is doing so well at work, that it even makes me jealous, huh
and now look!

shit. he is good
and I think intelligence is sexy too

ok now another 2 semesters to go
I know you can do it baby!
I promise to be nicer to you and not get in your way when you're working
and I will stop you from procrastinating and make you do your homework ON TIME too!

I am so proud of you

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